Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rescue Stories: Rosie’s Story.

Be the Change. You Make A Difference. Rosie’s Story.

Every action no matter how small helps. If you love animals, Be The Change You Want To See. You make a difference. Today I want to share a story about Rosie and how caring people rescued her and her 40 other dogs kept in deplorable conditions by a horder/breeder.

Rosie is a spirited little girl with so many congenital defects. She had mange when rescued, was covered in filth but somehow had survived even though she has a malformed jaw, teeth problems and fused leg bones. She learned to walk on the upper part of her legs to move around. Because of her misshapen jaws she had to scoop food into her mouth.

Rosie has skin problems as a result of her mange and immune system so she has a bald head. She isn’t a pretty dog. But when I look at her I see a beautiful girl with spirit. She has a wonderful adopted family that loves and cares for her.

When you follow stories of animals with challenges, you come to love them dearly. And they and YOU help educate the world.

Support animal rescue however you can. Donate, volunteer, foster, adopt and educate. You make a difference.
The people that adopted Rosie deserve praise. They are excellent humans.

From Everything Rose Blog, “There are thousands of dogs like Rosie and awaiting rescue. Some of them are in need of a little socialization and some good food, others like Rosie need patience, medical care, and lots of love.”

You can like her Facebook page and follow her blog to keep up with Rosie’s progress.


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