Monday, September 9, 2013

Dog Rescue Organizations, NMDR - Be the Change. You Make A Difference.

National Mill Dog Rescue - NMDR - Saving dogs from puppy mills.

The inspiration for NMDR is Lily. An Italian Greyhound auctioned off by a puppy mill. On that day over 200 dogs were 'auctioned'.  A volunteer Teresa Strader came to help with the 29 Italian Greyhounds. She rescued Lily and made her part of the family.  For the last year and 1/2 of her life, Lily was loved.

Lily's story is not recent. But her story is compelling, heartbreaking and hopeful. The message is you can make a difference. Donate. Foster. Adopt. Educate. Do something. 

Watch the video below and say a prayer. Remember - Be the Change. You Make A Difference.

Sweet Lily had never been outside of a cage. Her mouth, both bottom and top was rotted from no vet care, no care.  

'Harley to the Rescue, Harley's family works to raise money is a volunteer group committed to helping rescue mill dogs.  Harley is a mill dog survivor and a spokesdog on behalf of NMDR. 

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