Monday, December 23, 2013

Helpers for the Special Needs Dogs & Cats

From the wheels used by Ricky Bobby rescued by HSUS to the pee pads at my back door, special needs can be met for our dog companions.  Not all disabilities are visible and not all involve mobility wheels.

Let me tell you about one of my special needs kids, and this isn't about my sweet Sophie whose special needs were evident to the eye. Following are some touching tales and videos of other dogs. If you can't glean the meaning of this blog I will tell you at the end.

My dog Jax has Diabetes Insipidus. This is a need not visually evident. He was in the home of a foster and the rescue group had deemed him 'unadoptable.  But his fosters loved him and knew otherwise, they had even taken him to TAMU for evaluation on their own dime and that deserves a big WOW. Diabetes Insipidus is a condition that presents with excessive thirst and urination, not enough anti diuretic hormone is produced.

Jax was a 6 month old pup and none of the treatments available helped. He was a pee-pot with little control. They needed to find my boy a new family for legitimate reasons and wanted to give Jax the best home possible. I went to their house to be interviewed and approved. I went outside and sat down on the ground. Jax ran around playing, urinated and went immediately to the water bowl. When he saw be he bounded over with enthusiasm and peed all over me.  His foster parents looked horrified waiting for my reaction. 

I hugged Jax and said, you just christened me.  Pee happens. I have tile floors and pee pads at the back door. As he matured his control improved though the health issue remains. Sometimes he has accidents, usually when he jumps, gets scared or excited he leaks. I don't care, he can't help his situation. And Jax is loving, loyal, well-behaved and a wonderful boy. I am grateful he is in my life and he certainly deserves love and care. All animals deserve love and care.

Pee happens. I have tile floors and pee pads at the back door.

From DFW Pug Rescue: One of our special rescue pugs, Chaplin, was adopted by VCA University Animal Clinic in Dallas, TX. He has neurological issues that we have been treating with acupuncture and intestinal motility issues that are treated with a combination of three medications and a special diet. One of our amazing volunteers offered to continue the acupuncture treatment; she picks him up at VCA and gets him to the acupuncture doctor when needed. 

Chaplin needs medication for the remainder of his life, as well as neurological check ups, so for the doctors and staff at VCA to assume this responsibility is nothing short of awesome!  He goes home with a member of VCA at night and on weekends. This is a video of him hanging out at the clinic, such a happy boy.This link shows the challenges Chaplin faced with mobility.
Do you remember my posts about sweet Rosie and Remember Rosie? Thank you Rosie and your Mom for helping bring awareness. Rosie was rescued from a puppy mill and had genetic disabilities.  But she was a joy and deeply loved, fun and playful.
Products To Help are Available!
Chaplin had a custom made wheels. But there are resources for our friends with disabilities. One of the most heartwarming sights I have personally seen was when I visited a friend at her apartment. A neighbor was taking is handicapped German Sheppard for a walk using a sling to help him down the stairs for his walk. Wheelchairs, slings, ramps, diapers, strollers, splints and more. For example: from Canada, the U.S. and
This is an ad for doggie wheels nevertheless is shows happy dogs given mobility again.
I didn't forget cats. Bobby was left in a box on the vet's doorstep as a kitten. He has spinal injuries and a broken tail. He walks strangely on his back legs and must wear bandages and care to protect his legs. The video is 9 minutes long but shows how he is enjoying life even though he walks a bit differently, playing and obviously loved. Napoleon has his own wheels.
This is a tearjerker. But Alera's daddy gave her love and she had a good quality of life though short. The other link shows off her new wheels and how they are used.
Buddy Love aka The Bumblesnot

Bumblesnot is a 10 year old black pug rescued from a shelter in 2011. Click the link to learn more and follow his adventures on Facebook. When this boy was adopted he had some mobility issues with his back legs. Now he has his wheels and his family must suppress his bladder. But he is happy and loved.  If you click the video link know 1) It starts with loud music and 2) I'm not sure I care for the "proper care instructions"  are presented audio wise but you do learn more about the care of this disabled and lovable boy.

Raining Cats and Dogs by Peter Martz. Sounds beautiful but is so very sad. Claiborne Animal Shelter is a 501c3 organization run entirely from donations and volunteer labor. If you'd like to learn more about us, please visit or visit us on Facebook!


12/26/13 to 1/10/14 After Christmas Special!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Make a Resolution to be Humane.

Make a Resolution to be Humane.
I am a vegetarian.  This is how I should have lived my entire life but I was blind. About a decade ago I finally stopped and asked myself where the supplies of food in the grocery store came from.  I immediately stopped eating other living beings.
 I asked myself where the supplies of food in the grocery store came from.  I immediately stopped eating other living beings.
If you can be brave go to and watch the video.
And you need to be brave to watch this video but the fact is this is reality of what humans allow by closing their eyes and remaining ignorant. The content is horrific and covers every living being humans eat. Content warning. But be brave and call for change.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Year End Gifts Animal Showcase Organizations!

Give what you can.  Giving is a great Joy! Giving truly is better than receiving.

Please consider a gift in memory of a loved companion this holiday to one of these organizations above, below or one of your choosing.

TMHPR doesn't focus on any particular breed. They rescue dogs and cats they come across in need and do what they can. Most rescues come from kill shelters and many have injuries. Check out the blog at TMHPR website and read about Desiree.


Showcase Azle Animal Shelter Humane Association. Many animal shelters operate with dedicated and caring workers and volunteers (some not so much but today I am not showcasing those that need to improve or need to be called out). 

One of the wonderful things about Azle Animal Shelter Humane Association is how this small operation takes time to showcase every adoption on Facebook. One of the things I do is comment with a note of gratitude to the adopters and a kudos to the shelter staff.

Donations are helpful too because community shelters don't have enough money. Through donations the shelter went from this to a wonderful facility. 

More Showcase Coming in the Future.  Here is a HINT: Right now I am focused on:
Happy Holidays My Friends!


12/26/13 to 1/10/14 After Christmas Special!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays From My Family to You!

Happy Holidays my friends! I hope Christmas brings you together with friends and family.

If the joy of sharing with loved ones isn't an option, do not fret, stress or get depressed. I have spent Christmas alone with my wonderful dogs for about 20 years. I have my own traditions. I love watching A Christmas Story over and over. On good years the doggies get toys to open, in lean years they still get and give love.  And I usually wash old toys and present them as new.

Be Animal friendly.

This year I crafted new decorations but I didn't put up the tree.
I made some new pet rugs. Instructions will be posted in the next 2 days at .

So from my family to yours, Merry Christmas.
And as always my loved ones that are gone are in my heart. I miss them everyday.
Upcoming posts: Missing the Mark and my PeePot.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Your Action and Voice Say NO to Fur! Please Be the Change.

This is disturbing and horrific on so many levels.

If you own fur garments I challenge you to watch these videos and understand the torture and lives taken.

Decades ago people through blood or red paint on those wearing fur. I don't condone assault but why humans still condone and allow torture, maiming, mutilating, abuse and murder?

Be warned everyone of these videos is graphic and I warn you about the content. But please do not turn your head and by ignoring the horror allow it to continue. Please don't turn your head. You can be the change.

Did you know bunnies could scream?

What to say to someone wearing fur:

Still not convinced? Imagine if this was your cat or dog or bunny or guinea pig. Your beloved companion.

Even if a creature cannot scream or you do not hear the scream. Pain is pain. Stand up today and Be The Change.

The Most Graphic video below.

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Meaningful Gift

Happy Holidays friends! I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. As people rush about today to start shopping for Christmas, I offer you some meaningful gifts to give.

There is a point to this story you are about to read friends, please read on.. Two years ago I had to take my hospice foster dog Pookie to the vet to be euthanized. I know I should say release him from his pain, which I did or send him to the Rainbow Bridge, which I know brings many members of the animal rights community solace.

Every time I am face with this choice, I feel no solace. I know I am doing the best thing for those in my care but the pain I feel and the never ending questions, is this the right time, are they ready and how will I get through losing my beloved family member? Every time I tear my heart out. I can hardly see to drive to the vet through tears. I hold my dog and will them to health, to take some of  my life and live on and of course to no longer feel pain. I never leave their side. Once when I was young I did not stay with my beloved Drake, I was a coward. This shames me. He loved me unconditionally and I didn't stay with him in his last moments.  Never again. I promised never to leave or abandon my animal companions and I never, ever will. I promise.

Many people when they lose their loved family member say never again, they can't go through the pain.  I understand and I know you do as well. But for me, I cannot close my eyes to another in need, no matter the pain. And I have had the privilege to share my life with these sweet dogs. I have done the right thing to love them in their last days when others have abandoned them. I will tear my heart out over and over for my hospice dogs to give them the love they deserved and were due from their original family.

So what is the point of this story? Two very dear people, Kristin Reed and Pam Nelson, who worked with me gave me and Pookie and all dogs one of the best gifts EVER for Christmas.  They donated money to an DFW Pug Rescue, the rescue group that had rescued Pookie and gave him into my care.  This donation meant so much to me that I am still filled with gratitude. I accepted this give with immense joy. They honored Pookie and all my dogs.

Give the most meaningful of gifts.  Donate to a rescue group or an animal rights organization. 

So I ask you my friends to consider giving the most meaningful of gifts.  Donate to a rescue group or an animal rights organization.  Give the gift outright as a gift to animals and yourself. Or give the gift in the named of a loved one.  Here are some ways you can give.

The Humane Society of the United States of America.
The Humane Society will send a printed or electronic card on your behalf to a friend.

PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. You can donate in general or to a specific action.  You can also Donate through PETA Presents. Compassionate Gifts That Give Twice.

Give a Gift That Protects Animals — and Pleases Your Family and Friends Pick one of PETA’s “virtual gifts” — such as a toy for a neglected dog or a day off for a working animal — and your gift will be put to work immediately to support PETA’s lifesaving work for animals. What better way to both help the animals you love and send your recipient a cool e-card at the same time! Choose your gift. Personalize the e-card that you’d like to send. Stand tall as your donation goes right to work to end animal suffering.
Buy an actual gift that benefits an animal rights organization. The National Wildlife Federation and many others groups (listed below are some additional sites) have gifts you can buy and the profits go to the organizations. Shop NWF.|OldP
Donate to the ASPCA. Or Buy or lease a Subaru. Really, if you need a new car, Subaru has a SHARE THE LOVE. From the ASPCA Blog: Please help us spread the word about the Subaru “Share the Love” event! The support from Subaru has already helped us save thousands of animals, but there are countless more that need our help. Once again this year, for every vehicle sold or leased between November 21, 2013 and January 2, 2014, Subaru will donate $250 to the consumer’s choice among five national charity partners, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $250,000 to each partner, and in select areas, a sixth local charity chosen by individual dealers. Click HERE for more at ASPCA or HERE for more from Subaru.
I know I am more inclined to buy a Subaru in the future. I appreciate such generosity.
Or give to a local rescue group, animal shelter or sponsor an animal through a group - help pay for the care and medical expenses.  Give and Volunteer. Volunteer.
Give. Volunteer.  Be The Change.
Sometimes the difference between life and death is YOU.
Adopt. Rescue. Foster. Transport. Sponsor. Donate Volunteer. Educate. Care.
Be the Change. Be that Person.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do Dogs Overeat to Compensate?

In December of 2012 a study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior Clinical Applications and Research  entitled, Stress-induced and emotional eating in animals: A review of the experimental evidence and implications for companion animal obesity , authored by veterinarian Dr. Franklin McMillan currently of the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.

Short recap of Dr. McMillan’s study abstract: “… because emotional eating is a coping mechanism, overeating may be a sign that an animal's psychological well-being is impaired." See below for abstract.

The concept is foreign and unaccepted by some but I believe the study has merit. Ask yourself this:

Would you ask your toddler to stay still by themselves every day for 8 to 10 hours with no human interaction? Then when you return home would you either immediately put them outside to potty? Or have them cross their legs until you situate yourself to take them for a quick walk?

Yet many guardians of animals unthinkingly do this, what they would not do with a child. This neglect causes your animal companion undue emotional stress. Because we all believe our animal companions have emotions and needs, right?

If you said no you should be ashamed. Our animal companions need interaction and exercise. We know that stress negatively impacts humans. Chronic stress impacts our emotional well being, increases levels of cortisol, leads to high blood pressure, digestive distress, aggression, irritability and over eating.  The same is true  for our pets, animals in zoos etc.

One of my biggest soapbox moments was when someone I worked with told me he was getting an 'outside dog'. And the dog was fed and had shelter but was left alone. An animal is not a yard ornament. Our responsibility to animals is to protect and care. Care for their physical and emotional well-being.

This is true for dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, pigs and a host of other animal companions.  Is over eating only stress related? I say No. But the stress factor needs to be investigated and considered. If your pet is overweight take them to the vet to check for or rule out an underlying health concern.  Even if stress is not the cause of overeating or your pet isn't overweight - they still need interaction, affection and exercise.

From article in The Telegraph and interview with McMillan:

"By simply putting an “emotional eater” cat or dog on a diet, they could worsen the situation, by taking away the animal’s “coping mechanism” and making the animal even more unhappy - and even hungrier.

Dr. McMillan, said: “The bottom line is that there is a ton of evidence in humans and animals like rodents that stress induced eating, or emotional eating is a very real thing and contributes to obesity, so we should be looking at it in pet animals. 

“If this is a major factor in our pet animals, then the standard approach, by simply yanking away their food, is very misguided and potentially harmful. "

What do you think?

Enrich your animal companions life. Be the Change! Be that Person.
 The abstract: "Eating in response to stress or negative emotional states is well-documented in humans as well as animals in experimental settings and has been shown to work by alleviating the unpleasant emotional experience. This type of eating behavior, termed stress-induced or emotional eating, is linked to the development of obesity. Standard approaches to companion animal obesity have failed to incorporate this concept. Not every animal given more food than they need will become overweight, which raises the critical question: Why does the animal that overeats do so? If it is to help alleviate stress or negative emotional states, then the standard obesity management approach of restricting food intake without alleviating the emotional distress may actually exacerbate the distress by removing one of the animal's coping mechanisms. Moreover, because emotional eating is a coping mechanism, overeating may be a sign that an animal's psychological well-being is impaired."

Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Evie Update with Positive News

Evie is doing better! She is having laser therapy, hydro therapy and massages as well - loving touch is critical to all creatures. This video shows Evie eating and eating.

Lots of video of eating and at the end some of her moving around and showing signs of alertness. Such wonderful news.

To stay up to date visit Emma Cleft Plate Palate on Facebook. You can donate for further care here.

To those that have cared, prayed and / or donated, thank you. This is something to be happy about.

Be The Change!
Be the person that cares and acts.

Original Post and first Update.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Evie Update

Poor Evie was sealed in a plastic container and thrown in the trash.

I posted about her plight and request for donations Here.

NBCDFW also released a story on the efforts to help Evie.

Evie's plight is heartbreaking. I encourage everyone to contact Fort Worth officials to treat this as an animal abuse case and see the repugnant and despicable person that did this heinous act be found and prosecuted.

And everyone in Texas should contact your state representatives to increase the penalty for animal abuse.

DONATE HERE, please.

Evie is starting treatments in a hyperbaric chamber. Evie is still head-pressing. BUT - she continues to accept food and is still fighting through.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Donate and Pray for Evie

So many animals deserve and need our help. Here is a girl in desperate need. Please Be the Change. Be that Person.

This is footage of our visit with Evie at the hospital today. Evie was found inside an apartment complex dumpster - stuffed into a sealed plastic tub. Seizing, dehydrated and presenting with a myriad of severe neurological symptoms when she arrived to the Fort Worth shelter on 11.15.13. ("swimming", miotic pupils, non-responsive and with a significant fever of 105). 

Tossed away like garbage ~ left to die an agonizing, terror-filled death. Evie was quickly sent to rescue and rushed to the ER hospital where she remains - in critical condition, receiving supportive care, seizure management and is under 'round the clock observation in ICU. 

Help us find Evie's abusers and bring them to justice! For more information and updates on Evie's condition - click here:

**UPDATE** Evie's sodium levels have DROPPED again!! YAY!! Right now, she is at 163 - which is the lowest she's been yet! (normal range is around 150) This is a HUGE advancement for Evie! ♥ She obviously is still affected.... there is no telling at this point just how much permanent damage her brain has suffered. It has been confirmed at this point - that Evie has absolutely zero vision due to her traumatic experience. She is very likely - totally and permanently blind. :( She continues to eat well - and is resting more peacefully when she does rest. Doc opted to not move forward with the sedation as we had previously discussed - since she has calmed somewhat and her respiratory is already quite low - so we don't want to add to that and run into problems with her breathing atop everything else she has going on. Evie still cannot stand / walk / sit or hold herself up. She has no balance / coordination due to the brain trauma.... it is too early to tell whether that will improve. Doc says not to be "too optimistic" at this point - but she is showing some SLIGHT signs of alertness - vs. the totally unresponsive state she has been in since her arrival. We will visit later today and will update upon our return. Obviously, Evie as well - requires additional funding to maintain her ongoing ICU stay... please visit her fundraising page below to assist us with those expenses if you can. ♥

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Final Halloween Dress Up!

Halloween is here. While we have enjoyed dress up with our beloved animal companions, take caution that they can see, hear and the costumes are not constricting.  If your animal expresses distress, take it off!

Our final showcase of animal companions dressed up.

I have always loved Halloween, it probably goes with my last name (meaning Ghost or Spirit). And I too love to play dress up.  One year I went as a peacock.  Last year I ordered a matching costume for my Sophie, but if you are a faithful reader you know she died in August of last year. 

But in honor of Sophie I will share a photo of me (frightening in itself) and a picture of the costume I ordered.

 Sophie would have looked wonderful in this outfit.

I wore this a few years ago, it was a hit at the Monster Mash!
OH NO BedPugs!


This is his costume, he is really a werewolf in trueblood! :)

For More Costume fun click read more link.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dogs & Cats& Rabbits & Bunnies! Dressed Up - Part 4

More Dress Up. Let me say that if your animal is uncomfortable or frighten with being dressed up - don't dress them up. We should not cause distress to those in our care because it amuses humans.

Now for fun photos! This post has guinea pigs, rabbits and some unhappy looking cats.

For more CUTENESS click the Read More link below. \