Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Evie Update with Positive News

Evie is doing better! She is having laser therapy, hydro therapy and massages as well - loving touch is critical to all creatures. This video shows Evie eating and eating.

Lots of video of eating and at the end some of her moving around and showing signs of alertness. Such wonderful news.

To stay up to date visit Emma Cleft Plate Palate on Facebook. You can donate for further care here.

To those that have cared, prayed and / or donated, thank you. This is something to be happy about.

Be The Change!
Be the person that cares and acts.

Original Post and first Update.



  1. Yay for Evie, she has such a strong will and loving heart!!
    stella rose

    1. Prayers have helped. Thank you for caring.!

  2. Poor Baby,she will do well now she is safe,xx Rachel

    1. Thank you for caring Rachel. She is safe now.


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