Friday, December 20, 2013

Year End Gifts Animal Showcase Organizations!

Give what you can.  Giving is a great Joy! Giving truly is better than receiving.

Please consider a gift in memory of a loved companion this holiday to one of these organizations above, below or one of your choosing.

TMHPR doesn't focus on any particular breed. They rescue dogs and cats they come across in need and do what they can. Most rescues come from kill shelters and many have injuries. Check out the blog at TMHPR website and read about Desiree.


Showcase Azle Animal Shelter Humane Association. Many animal shelters operate with dedicated and caring workers and volunteers (some not so much but today I am not showcasing those that need to improve or need to be called out). 

One of the wonderful things about Azle Animal Shelter Humane Association is how this small operation takes time to showcase every adoption on Facebook. One of the things I do is comment with a note of gratitude to the adopters and a kudos to the shelter staff.

Donations are helpful too because community shelters don't have enough money. Through donations the shelter went from this to a wonderful facility. 

More Showcase Coming in the Future.  Here is a HINT: Right now I am focused on:
Happy Holidays My Friends!


12/26/13 to 1/10/14 After Christmas Special!

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