Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Evie Update

Poor Evie was sealed in a plastic container and thrown in the trash.

I posted about her plight and request for donations Here.

NBCDFW also released a story on the efforts to help Evie.

Evie's plight is heartbreaking. I encourage everyone to contact Fort Worth officials to treat this as an animal abuse case and see the repugnant and despicable person that did this heinous act be found and prosecuted.

And everyone in Texas should contact your state representatives to increase the penalty for animal abuse.

DONATE HERE, please.

Evie is starting treatments in a hyperbaric chamber. Evie is still head-pressing. BUT - she continues to accept food and is still fighting through.


  1. This breaks our heart everytime we read about her. We are praying hard that she makes it and finds a wonderful forever home!
    stella rose and family


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