Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beautiful a Rescue - DFW Pug Rescue

From DFW Pug

Why donations, volunteers, fostering and adopting matter. BEAUTIFUL.

Below is an excerpt from the DFW Pug Rescue blog.  As a foster volunteer for this group I can tell you everyone is dedicated. I have two hospices foster now.  This little girl is an example of the good work the rescue does. Beautiful is also an example of a brave and loving girl. Her cherished and loved pet parent died. The story has a happy ending, Beautiful has a new family to love her.

Beautiful was found in the home of her owner after he had passed away. Her eyes were in such bad shape, they both had to be removed.  All of a sudden her life was turned dark and upside down - did she let this dampen her spirit? 
No! Beautiful has found comfort in the new humans around her and she always has her tail wagging. 

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