Friday, August 23, 2013

Strange Animal Group Names

Where do these names come from? I just wanted to share some unusual animal names. Some make sense but others are baffling.
 1.       Apes or Chimpanzees – A Shrewdness
2.       Bats – A Colony though some sources say A Cauldron

3.       Cats – A Clowder or A Pounce

4.       Dogs – A Pack

5.       Donkeys/Asses – A Pace

6.       Ferrets – A Business

7.       Hippos – A Bloat

8.       Giraffes – A Tower

9.       Jaguars – A Shadow

10.   Lemurs – A Conspiracy

11.   Otters – A Romp

12.   Porcupines – A Prickle

13.   Squirrels – A Scurry

There are HERDS: Buffalo, Cattle, Deer, Elephants, Seals, Sheep, Whales.
Buffalo can also be called a Gang along with Elk and Turkeys. Strange pairing.

Quails and Swans can be called a Covey as a Deer can be a herd or covey.
And finally it should come as no surprise that Cockroaches are called An Intrusion.

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